This team exceeded all of my expectations this tier. Our ranking is the highest we've ever acheived since the transition to Mythic raiding, and we got where we did without making unwanted sacrifices. We never mandated PTR testing outside of our normal raid times. We never split-farmed anything. We didn't even have to require the usage of an alt this tier, but that's more because Blackhand didn't return than because of any planning on our end. Even on the nights where both the raid leader and a tank was out, the team carried on and made the night count. We're stronger than we've ever been in that regard, and it shows.

Yet all of this comes with a bit of a sour note. As we passed guild after guild that beat us last tier, the victories were slightly bittered by the knowledge that many of these were guilds we'd never see raiding again. For every guild we out played, there were two we outlasted, and while I count that as a victory as much as any, it doesn't bode well for the raiding community as a whole. I felt that burnout myself, not because my drive to raid ever diminished, but because I saw it happening to some of our very own. More than a few players have decided to call it quits this tier, and while that's nothing new, it isn't getting any easier to fill those shoes.

Still, I am pleased with how we finished the tier, and I am confident that the time we have until Legion drops will prove sufficient to make our roster stronger than ever. Those who have decided ten years not-so-well spent is enough will certainly be missed, but it was never just raiding that drew us together. While our roster fluctuates, our social environment has remained static, even as it grows. Now we look to add more players to our Mythic core, to patch up those holes and improve the strength of our team overall.

If you're interested in a competitive raid team that gets the job done without pushing so hard they break in the process, we can offer that. We've been here for several tiers now, and we plan to be here for several more.


LET JIMMY RAID a Rykun , I'm looking forward to YOUR end-of-tier recap over this wall of boring...

Mythic Mannoroth video!

Ezekiah a posted Sep 4, 15

Join DJ Akris and the Gang for another adventure, this time against Mythic Mannoroth!


Mythic Xhul'horac video!

Ezekiah a posted Aug 14, 15

wAvEs aRe hArD bRo