The video for our first kill of Imperator is up. Enjoy!


Mythic Imperator Mar'gok down!

Ezekiah a posted Fri at 13:47

We'll have a nice video soon. Until then, a screenshot.


Nambus nice job ladies

Garrosh was, quite frankly, an awful boss. The mechanics were more tedious than interesting, and the healing was not remotely challenging. It was frustrating to spend 290 attempts on him, particularly when we were wiping in phase 3 and 4, but the kill was worth it in the end. The rest of the tier provided enough enjoyment for me, and I certainly think that Siegecrafter was one of the best designed fights to date. 

So we have achieved our highest rank yet, and I am exceptionally pleased with what we were able to do with our raid schedule. No days were added this tier, ever, and our only abnormal raid times were on the days we killed Garrosh, both normal and heroic, and the first day of the tier. I can safely say that this is the best team I have ever raided with, and so it is that I feel more of a sense of frustration than anticipation for the coming expansion.

I look forward to the prospect of raiding with a lot of new talent, but I have enjoyed raiding with this group of players enough to lament the loss of our preferred raid size. I understand the advantages of Mythic raiding, and Availed will certainly continue to be one of the most competitive semi-hardcore guilds in the world, but it's unfortunate that the cost of fair competition has to be our small-group identity.

Blizzard has done an incredible job with Mists of Pandaria, and I hope that the change allows them to produce even more content of the same quality. The additional random loot elements were tiring, and it looks like that is to stay and be exacerbated, but loot has always been a side effect of what real raiders enjoyed. The most important thing is that tiers continue to be decent sized and challenging, and hopefully containing more bosses like Lei Shen and less like Garrosh or Sha.

With that in mind, we have begun to look forward to the coming expansion, and our efforts to recruit have taken off. All interested players are encouraged to apply, even if you don't have sufficient gear or experience to compete in this tier. What we're really looking for are intelligent, likable players who are as ambitious in their playstyle as they are relaxed in their composure. We are not currently interested in tanks, but any other role will be considered, including players moving to a new spec or class.

To our players who are departing: your skills will be missed in the raiding community, and know that you will always have a home here. To those of you who are applying: be patient. We respond to every application in due time, and will consider anyone who is interested in proving themselves in the months to come.

--Ezekiah Jones

paradoxsky Availed is purely Epic (period) & anvilmar is lucky to have you guys! Keep up the good work